Thanks for your patience as I make this site as entertaining and useful as possible. I’m currently experimenting with Microsoft’s Expression Web 2007. The only link that is active is the ‘RUNNING’ link. I have been experimenting with some web design program features as outline below:

I created two tables to help organize my web page elements. The header represents a table with two rows and five columns. I have merged the five columns in the first row into the first row as one cell. This helped me create a navigation bar where I inserted graphics that I manually created into each of the 5 cells to represent the eventual links to the other web pages. The graphics simply read “HOME,” “RUNNING,” “STUFF,” etc. The bottom table consists of two rows. I split the first row up into 2 columns. The left-hand column can contain elements (the current ‘Under Construction’ graphic) as well as the right hand-column (which currently contains the text you are reading now!)

I wrote and inserted text from MS-Word for the “Running” page, as well as a graphic of Popeye.

As I mentioned, I created my original tables to help organize my page elements and after I created the headers and top and bottom navbars, I saved the table as a Dynamic Web Template (.DWT) file of which I was able to replicate to create the other pages in my site in order to maintain format and consistency. A DWT is almost like a cascading style sheet because when the master template is changed, all the other pages based on the master (the nav bars, header, etc) will be changed dynamically.

I will continue to evolve this site as time permits.

Thanks for visiting and continue to check back for more updates soon!

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