Simply put, running is the natural process of moving your legs at a quickened rate to help move your body at a quicker pace than walking. But to me, it’s a lot more than that. Running epitomizes my lifestyle because there are many facets that contribute to pursuing the perfect run which contribute to help mold me into the person that I am. Running, at most, merely takes two legs and a pair of sneakers, or you may simply run barefoot on a soft surface like sand or dirt. However, the true process of running is much more than that yet still has relatively no monetary value associated with it – it essentially costs nothing. Running is so easy yet reaps a bounty of rewards that are undiscovered by the overwhelming majority of people; that’s what makes understanding the essence of running so difficult.


I hope to explore what running means to each individual person who stumbles upon this website. I want to explore the mystique of running and the spiritual side of the act of simply moving your legs at a quickened rate, and how this process has helped me and others evolve as better people.
Running is my spinach.

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